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Testimonial: Wilbur

“Wilbur is the sweetest. We couldn’t have a better dog. He is still the crowd favorite at doggy daycare. He goes every Monday. There’s an 8-year-old girl that lives at the daycare with her mom, and she LOVES him. She takes him on walks. And when we have to board him there, he gets to sleep in her room instead of a kennel. Talk about spoiled! We told the daycare that we would be getting another newfie soon and they’ve already reserved a spot : ).”


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Announcing Our New Website!

Announcing Our New Website!

This is Tevya (Jim & Sonya's oldest) taking the reins for this post, since I designed and built the new site. We're really excited to let everyone know about our awesome new website! Are There New Puppy & Dog Pictures? Lets answer the most important question...

Our Wonderful Bruce Has Passed Away

Our Wonderful Bruce Has Passed Away

It's a pretty autumn morning. Over the last few months Bruce has aged rapidly. His right front shoulder has become painful so he could hardly put weight on it. The last 4 days he has lost that sparkle in his eye, like life was getting unbearable. I called Dr. John...



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