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Saturday, July 18th, 2009
This female is for sale!

This female is for sale!

Nana had two puppies on July 15th, a male and female. They are now 2 weeks old. The male is sold, but the female is still available. Contact us today to make your deposit to reserve her!

She has a long thin white line down her chest. She also has a white snip across her back feet toes. As an adult these white markings will hardly be visible unless you are really looking for them. The puppies have been vet checked, are large, and doing well.  They will have another physical when they are 6 weeks and will receive their first shots and worming at that time.

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avatarLast night was the second night of Doggie's Class and Abby was hilarious! She is very smart and mastered the sit and the down command in short order. When she would do the down command she would flip on her back, legs in the air to get a belly rub!!  She had everyone laughing. Abby thinks puppy school is solely for her enjoyment and is a social event. In class she was "talking" and trying to visit with EVERYONE so, I took her over to get a drink of water out of the bucket -well that's when it all took a turn for the worse-Abby loves water and she put both her big front paws in the bucket and stomped up and down until the ENTIRE bucket of water was on her and the floor, which was now wet and slippery, 3 other puppies were coming over to see what was going on. 1 Newfie puppy + 1 bucket of water and let the games begin!  Tim and I still have hopes for a K9 good citizen award. Abby brings so much joy and laughter (and calamity) wherever she goes! We love her so very much.

Trudy and Tim