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In SeptemberĀ 2014 our loyal, kind, funny, sweet, gentle giant Bruce, peacefully passed away. We buried him under the willow tree in the pasture. Bruce was just a few months short of being 10 years old. He came from exceptional Newfoundland bloodlines out of Canada. He had excellent hips and heart. He weighed 175 lbs. His back was 3 inches taller than our kitchen table! Most people were surprised at how big he was when they came for a visit and what a gentle easy going guy he was. Thanks to modern science, his semen was preserved while he was in his prime, and he’ll continue to sire our litters into the future.

Ray (Black Raven)

Ray is a gentle giant. He’s an easy-going schmoozer. He weighs 150lbs and is friendly to everyone from children to adults.


Bailey is a Landseer (black and white). She is from excellent bloodlines. She passed her hip and heart tests. She is happy and playful. Bailey loves people! She will be the mom for the next few years!


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