Newfoundland Puppy Prices

¹ Male and females, black and landseer, are all the same price.

² Subject to our discretion (for unlimited breeding, etc).

³ The $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot on the list. A refund is only available if we do not get the gender/color you want. In that case, we can refund it or hold your spot for the next litter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Like the Newfoundland Breed?

Newfoundlands (aka “Newfs” or “Newfies”) are famous for many reasons. They have been the favorite dog of many famous people including Samuel Adams, Lewis & Clark, Napoleon, and the Kennedy family. They are extremely calm and loyal dogs. They are also natural lifeguards. There are many stories of Newfies rescuing drowning people, including children. Their large build, distinctive features, and calm and loyal mannerism set Newfies apart as a very special breed. Ideal family dogs, loyal companions, and great swimmers, Newfoundlands are truly their owner’s best friend. They’re like having an extremely gentle and protective bear as a member of the family. For more information see the Wikipedia page.

Who Are Some Famous Newfoundland Dogs?


Oolam was owned by Norse explorer Leif Erickson. He accompanied his master on Leif’s journey to North America. Legend tells of Oolam rescuing 5 drowning Vikings that fell overboard in a North Atlantic Storm.


Henri was the faithful companion of Napoleon Bonaparte. Henri was so big, and stayed at his master’s side so faithfully, that French Commanders were worried that their leader might be recognized on the battlefield because of this massive and distinctive dog.


QueQue was the beloved dog of Patriot and Founding Father Samuel Adams. She pestered British Redcoats during the blockade of Boston harbor. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin both owned Newfies too.


Seaman was the companion of Lewis & Clark on their famous journey across North America. He helped them extensively with his swimming and tracking abilities. When Indians saw this nearly 200 pound animal, they thought their White visitors had a domesticated bear for their companion.


Brumis was owned by the late Robert (Bobbie) Kennedy. It was often joked that Brumis sat in on Top Secret meetings with other “Big Dogs.” He also was known to clean up any unguarded food at the dinner table, much to the surprise of any guests. Keeper is a direct descendant of Brumis.


In Peter Pan, the Darlings’ dog Nana is a Newfie, according to author J. M. Barrie. Our dog Nana was named after her.

Are Your Newfoundland Puppies Registered?

All our puppies are AKC registered. They come with a one year guarantee on their hips. At 6 weeks they receive their first shots and worming. The Vet gives them a 12 point physical(eyes, ears, mouth, respiratory, cardiovascular,nervous system, lymph nodes,urogenital, body condition, temperature pulse,abdominal organs, skin and hair coat). A report is printed out, if there is any concern in any of these areas, it is printed in red and flagged. The puppy will not be sold until the concern is resolved.

What Are The Prices of Nampa Newfie Puppies?

Please see our Pricing section above, for details on pricing.

How Do I Feed My Puppy?

Newfie puppies need food 2 times a day. A regular consistent feeding schedule greatly helps with potty training. The puppy should be fed a high quality large breed puppy food. Do not give them any calcium supplements. As this promotes rapid bone growth and can cause hip and joint dysplasia. Your puppy will let you know how much to feed. Let them eat until they are satisfied, then take away the left over food. Warm water can be poured over this dog food and a little plain yogurt added. Its important to help them develop a healthy flora in their gut. Always keep them in a good supply of drinking water. Talk to them as if they can understand every word you say.

How Do I Care for My New Newfoundland Puppy?

Newf puppies need to be able to play off leash, in a fenced yard. A newf puppy needs to play to grow strong for proper joint, muscle and ligament growth.

Puppies should never be on slippery floors. you run the risk of permanently injuring your puppy for life. Slipping and falling causes hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and etc.

Do not jog with your puppy until two years old. Jogging, prolonged walking, following a bike, and slippery floors are the number one cause of joint disorders in a growing newf puppy.

Do not let your puppy play unattended with an older dog. Pinning to the floor, running over and running into things can cause injury.

Do not let your puppy jump off of any high surfaces, including the couch, the car, the porch or anything higher than six inches. When they land with all that weight it jams their joints together and it will kill the growth plates in their joints. Limit them doing stairs until the age of one. We suggest you carry your puppy up and down stairs until you can’t, then get a puppy gate. If you can’t avoid the stairs use a harness and help lift him up and down stairs to support the weight, off of his hips and elbows.

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