The 4 amazingly cute puppies that you see in the post below are still available!

UPDATE: We’re down to only 2 now, so hurry!

UPDATE 2: They are all sold now, so you can ignore this message.

This has never happened before. Usually all our puppies have sold long before this age. So this is the perfect chance to get one!

There’s nothing better for the kids to learn some responsibility than taking care of one of these beautiful gentle giants. Perhaps more importantly, your Newfoundland dog will take care of your kids. As the weather warms up and children head outside to play, your faithful Newf will follow your children and make sure they’re safe and protected. Most female Newfies do this instinctively. And guess what: the 4 we have left are all females! So if you want your children protected from strangers, getting lost, and even drowning (they’re natural lifeguards as well), call us today to get one of these puppies!

Most of the litter sold very fast, so call soon get yours before these 4 are gone as well.

Also, see our ad on KSL (for Utah classifieds).

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