Nampa Newfies Now Has an East Coast location!

My daughter, Shawnee, and her family live in Simsbury, Connecticut! We are happy to announce that their Newfoundland Millie will be having puppies in October! They will be ready for their new homes in December. Hooray, puppies for Christmas! Shawnee is now (September...

4 Puppies STILL Available!

The 4 amazingly cute puppies that you see in the post below are still available! UPDATE: We’re down to only 2 now, so hurry! UPDATE 2: They are all sold now, so you can ignore this message. This has never happened before. Usually all our puppies have sold long...

Welcome to NampaNewfies

We are a family from Nampa, Idaho that has a few great Newfoundland Dogs named Nana, Bruce, and Thelma. We are not a kennel or anything like it. Just a family who loves their dogs and would like to share the joy they bring us, with you. Prices for our puppies range...

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