Nampa Newfie News 2023

Nampa Newfies as you know is a family business. We stretch between 3 states now. Washington, Idaho and Utah. Sonya (Mother) lives in Nampa Idaho (our original headquarters) where she owns the Male that sires our litters. Shawnee (daughter) lives in Moses Lake...
Our Wonderful Bruce Has Passed Away

Our Wonderful Bruce Has Passed Away

It’s a pretty autumn morning. Over the last few months Bruce has aged rapidly. His right front shoulder has become painful so he could hardly put weight on it. The last 4 days he has lost that sparkle in his eye, like life was getting unbearable. I called Dr....

Update on Our Dogs

BRUCE The year 2011 has been the most eventful Newf year I have had. On Memorial day weekend Bruce was running across the neighbors yard a hit a hole. He started yelping. We ran to him and thought he had broken his leg. My son, Tanner picked him up and hauled him over...

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