The year 2011 has been the most eventful Newf year I have had. On Memorial day weekend Bruce was running across the neighbors yard a hit a hole. He started yelping. We ran to him and thought he had broken his leg. My son, Tanner picked him up and hauled him over to our house (170lbs worth). We went to the Vet it was not broken but after many Vet visits and examines, they concluded he had torn all the tendons in his left front ankle.They could operate but were not confident that the operation would be successful. I opted not to do that. He now walks with a limp. He can kind of hurry along but not too great.


In September 2011, My Nana was diagnosed with bone cancer. She was being confined in the kennel because she was in heat. She started limping and I thought how could she have hurt herself in the Kennel. I took her to the doctor and she called to tell me that Nana had bone cancer. Pretty far advanced into her lungs. She passed away in October. We dearly miss her.


After much deliberation we decided to have Thelma spayed. She had what they call “silent heats”. She did not put off enough scent to attract Bruce. With both her litters we had to have her artificially inseminated. It is a long difficult process and so we spayed her without knowing that Nana had cancer.

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