Nampa Newfies as you know is a family business. We stretch between 3 states now. Washington, Idaho and Utah. Sonya (Mother) lives in Nampa Idaho (our original headquarters) where she owns the Male that sires our litters. Shawnee (daughter) lives in Moses Lake Washington with her family and beautiful Female Millie. Cheyenne (daughter) lives in Erda Utah with her family and Females- Winnie, Reba & Dolly.

Shawnee and Cheyenne raise litters at their homes, but are willing to meet in Nampa Idaho at Sonya’s home to bring puppies closer for pick up if that is helpful for those traveling far distances or who live in Idaho.

We have had many returning customers over the 24 years we’ve been raising Newfs. This is a big compliment to all our hard work that goes into good responsible breeding over generations. We appreciate your trust in us. We love our Newfies and we love working hard to produce quality puppies that are excellent companions and members in your families. We love working with you, getting to know you, and the part we get to play in helping you bring home a sweet new family member to your home.

Please email, text or call Cheyenne or Shawnee on the Contact page of our website to inquire about our future litter plans.

Kindest Regards,
Cheyenne, Shawnee & Sonya

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