By Cora Wolf

I flew on Alaska, I triple checked about the pet policy and you can fly with a small pet on board under your feet for an additional $100.00. Anyone wanting to fly with their pup needs to have a soft sided crate that can go in front of your feet. I flew first class back with Sam and am SO glad I did. There wouldn’t have been room on the normal seats.

If people can drive they should, but flying wasn’t bad at all! I think a mixture of the pressure and being zipped up maybe gave him some anxiety, which probably caused the whimpering. Sam was a trooper going through security, everyone asked questions and some even helped.

On the plane I opened it and just let him rest his head out and he just slept most of the way. Once we landed he was fine and we made our way home!

I could not imagine our life without this big dog. He’s brought so much joy into our lives I had no idea what we were missing out on! Sam wants to be with us all the time, whether it’s waiting right outside the shower, laying next to me as I put my makeup on in the morning, being right next to us while we eat dinner or cook or clean, and even going to school with Chris, Sammy is eager to go where we go.

It’s so funny watching him progress and learn new commands or when he really wants a treat so he does ALL his tricks in the order we taught them.

Puppies in the litter

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