It’s been a while since we gave you an update, so I wanted to check in! Walter is doing great! He is SUCH a chunk, weighing in at 40 pounds. He is the sweetest, most calm puppy. And I swear he potty trained himself. When he wants to go outside he just walks to the door and sits down.

He LOVES being outside. I can barely get him inside at night. He would sleep out there every night if I let him. Oh, and he loves the shower! I have no idea why, but when we turn the shower on he runs and runs INSIDE the shower if we don’t shut the door fast enough. We have had a wet, soggy puppy a couple of times!

Walter and Wilbur are now best friends, and Wilbur is super protective of him. He doesn’t let any dogs get near him, even if they just want to play. Which is nice, we don’t have to worry about him getting hurt :).

I hope all the other puppies are doing great, and Bailey is enjoying the cold!

Happy Tuesday!


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