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The Nampa Newfie Gang got together at Christmas

The Nampa Newfie Gang got together at Christmas

"The Nampa Newfie gang got together at Christmas. We had a great time, joking, eating and playing. We remembered to snap a photo. Here is a little who is who. From left to right: Aimee (youngest sister, ID), Sonya (Founder of Nampa Newfies, and Mother to the three...

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Our Dogs: Bruce

Our Dogs

Our Dogs: Bruce

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He is SUCH a chunk. He is the sweetest, most calm puppy. And I swear he potty trained himself.

When he wants to go outside he just walks to the door and sits down. He LOVES being outside. I can barely get him inside at night. He would sleep out there every night if I let him.



I could not imagine our life without this big dog. He’s brought so much joy into our lives I had no idea what we were missing out on! Sam wants to be with us all the time, whether it’s waiting right outside the shower, laying next to me as I put my makeup on in the morning, being right next to us while we eat dinner or cook or clean, and even going to school with Chris, Sammy is eager to go where we go.

Senjy (St. John)

Senjy (St. John)

Every time they had puppies I would ask, “Do you have one like Bruce? I want a boy like Bruce!” Finally the timing worked out when St. John was born in March of 2010. “Senjy” loves everybody but kids seem to make him especially happy. He has been certified as a Therapy Dog and visits an elementary school and a rest home twice a month. Of course, there have been adjustments to having a giant dog… like giant kisses and BIG hugs!



Wilbur is the sweetest. We couldn’t have a better dog. He is still the crowd favorite at doggy daycare. He goes every Monday. There’s an 8-year-old girl that lives at the daycare with her mom, and she LOVES him. She takes him on walks. And when we have to board him there, he gets to sleep in her room instead of a kennel. Talk about spoiled! We told the daycare that we would be getting another newfie soon and they’ve already reserved a spot : ).

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